by B.L. Ander
Limited edition print art gallery by nature artist B.L.Ander
A fine art gallery featuring the eclectic artistic diversity of nature artist B.L. Ander.
Featuring landscapes, lighthouses, wildlife, birds and pet portraits. . . more.
Acadia National Park at Monument Cove
Cape D'Or, Nova Scotia

True to Nature

While seeking to understand and convey with a variety of artistic techniques the timeless beauty of our wondrous Earth and its diversity of wildlife, I always remain true to nature. I create artistic expressions utilizing an array of media; while favoring colored pencils or paints for more detailed renderings, I prefer watercolors and pastels for a freer, more expressive style.

This is the official site of Maine based naturalist artist B.L. Ander and represents the latest of his works. Though there are other sources to collect his prints, this is the location to see what is new, right off the easel. Most pieces that become available as originals or prints will be displayed here first, usually within days of completion and may not be found in galleries or other online sites. This online art gallery is in constant flux, please, come join us often.
Please enjoy your visit.

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